Some of the key documents and forms relating to your Europ Assistance pension plan are available to download below. Please contact First Actuarial using the details provided on the Contact Us area for other documents and forms.

Assets and Investments

Statement of Investment Principles September 2020

The Statement of Investment Principles sets out how the Trustee will invest the Plan's assets. This covers such points as the types of assets that the Plan will invest in and the Trustee's attitude to risk and to socially responsible and ethical investment.


Implementation Statement 31 December 2023

The Implementation Statement outlines the Trustee's review of how well it achieved its policy relating to the exercise of rights (including voting rights), as set out in the Statement of Investment Principles over the preceding year.


Trustee Report and Financial Statements 31 December 2022

Each year, the Trustee must prepare a report detailing what has happened to the Plan over the year and this also contains the audited accounts of the Plan.



Expression of Wish Form

The Plan will continue to provide benefits in the event of your death. To help the Trustee decide who should receive any such benefits you should fill in an Expression of Wish form.


IFA Authority Form

This form allows you to request that the Trustee pass on your pension benefits information to a selected independent financial advisor.


Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure November 2023

If you are unhappy about something concerning your pension benefits or any other matter relating to the pension scheme, and you wish to make a formal complaint, then this can be done through the Plan's Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure.



Actuarial Report Funding Update 31 December 2023

Each year, the Actuary to the Plan carries out calculations to determine how much money the Plan needs to pay benefits in the future, and then compares this against the amount of assets the Plan has.


Summary Funding Statement 31 December 2023

Each year, the Trustee issues a summary funding statement to all members of the Plan, which sets out the latest results of the calculations that the Actuary has carried out to determine whether the Plan is expected to have enough money to pay all benefits to members in future.


Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice January 2021

This notice explains how the Trustee uses and protects the personal information it holds about members and other beneficiaries of the Plan.